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Clients Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT is made on this _______ day of _______________ 20 in London BETWEEN ADVATECH HEALTHCARE EUROPE LTD., a Company registered under the Companies House at 10 John Street, London WC1N2EB and represented by ____________________ its Director in terms of the Board Resolution passed by the Board of Directors of the Company on ________________ , a copy whereof is made part of this Agreement, hereinafter referred to as “the Company/Advatech” (which expression unless repugnant to the context shall mean and include the Administrator, Successors in interest, Assigns and nominees) of the First Part AND __________________________________________________ hereinafter referred to as “the Patient” (which expression unless repugnant to the context shall mean and include the Legal Heirs, Administrator, Successors in Interest, Executors, Assigns and Nominees) of Other Part.

  1. The Company has been incorporated on 17.2.2012 by a Group of Professionals with an aim to facilitate the highest quality of medical tourism service of India, especially in Easter India with patient care at a cost to be agreed upon .
  2. Another Division of the Company has already been in the business of health care instruments and/or all types of surgical items and as such the Company is already having a medical background to provide such medical tourism service and has been accredited by GEP, Dept. of International Trade. Govt of UK.
  3. The patient has been suffering from ______ ailment and is inclined to avail of the services being provided by the Company and for such purpose the parties hereto have negotiated the terms and conditions for providing and/or availing of such facilities and have decided to enter into this Agreement formally so as to record in black and white the terms and conditions of such Agreement as struck by and between the Parties.
  1. The Company has agreed to provide medical tourism package and the Patient has agreed to avail of such facilities on the terms as mentioned hereinafter.
  2. The services to be provided by the Company are as follows :
    • Once the client contacts Advatech, they are requested to upload all their medical reports and prescriptions online.
    • Advatech thereafter consults with its empanelled Doctors & Consultants with these reports and medical history to chock out the treatment plan for the patient.
    • Patients can chat online with the specialist doctors wherein they will provide approx. The cost of treatment and duration of stay etc.
    • Advatech then arranges for every logistics from Visa to ground transportations, air travel, airport pick up etc.
    • Advatech also provides a local prepare mobile, good hygienic accommodation, choice of food , a prefixed appointment with Doctors, a local city tour and a post-treatment rehabilitation package in the destination of choice.
    • Finally, Advatech ensures a hassle free return to patients home country after a routine checkup with good health.
    • Interpreter for clients whenever required.
    • High-quality lodging facilities with hygienic food/water facility
    • Pick up a facility to and from the airport.
    • Help all the way in hotel check in and admission formalities in the hospital.
    • Personal Assistant for touring and shopping.In other words, the Company will provide one window concept of medical tourism by arranging VISA, all logistics, pre/post treatment rehabilitation and sending them back to the respective countries after proper check up. By any chance, if there be any casualty the Company will arrange for sending the body of the patient to his/her country for the family members as otherwise, the Company will act in accordance with the instructions to be received relating thereto.It is also agreed and understood that if the Patient avails of the services of the Company outside India such services will be provided in accordance with laws of India applicable and against necessary charges to be paid therefore in foreign currency.
  3. The patient will have the right to choose all items i.e. Hospital, Doctors, Labs and implants required for the purpose of treatment at his/her own cost.
  4. It is agreed by and between the Parties that immediately on arrival in India the Patient will be taken to the health care Unit by the Company for through check up to find out exact physical status in order to see that the patient is suffering from the only ailment as communicated to the Company at the time of execution of the contract and in case other ailments are detected then and in that case a fresh contract will be executed by and between the parties.
  5. It has been agreed by and between the parties that attendant(s) of the patient, if any shall also be taken care of by the Company in terms of such contract and all charges therefor be added to the Bill of the Patient.
  6. The patient agrees to pay 50% of the total amount being a sum of £ _______ on execution of this Deed and 25% of the total amount being a sum of £ __________ before the treatment is started and rest of the amount shall be paid on discharge. All the expenses for the attendant will be paid in the same manner. It has further been agreed that all charges and expenses and/or out of pocket expenses in respect of the patient will be borne by the Patient and/or his/her attendant.
  7. The Company will take all necessary steps on behalf of the patient and all necessary particulars towards expenses both medical and/or otherwise, will be made available to the patient before this Agreement is executed subject to fresh agreement to be entered into in case any another ailment is detected on the basis of medical check up to be carried out of the patient on his/her arrival in India for which separate Agreement will follow.
  8. It is confirmed that at the time of negotiation the Company provided various considerations on the basis of different charges quoted by different health care associate of the Company and that the patient himself/herself has chosen the consideration as recorded herein so as to avail of facilities as agreed upon.
  9. This Agreement will be valid till the patient leaves India and on expiry of such Agreement, the accounts between the parties are to be settled once for all. It is also well understood that in the case of expenses being incurred by the patient for rehabilitation at his/her homeland the Company will not be liable to bear such expenses. In the case of prior termination of the contract on the part of either party, the accounts shall be settled once for all as agreed herein.
  10. In case of any dispute arising out of this Agreement the same will be amicably settled by and between the parties by way of reconciliation but if such dispute can not be settled then the same will be referred to the Arbitration in terms of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, and the Venue will be in London and the Arbitrators will be at liberty to give Award in summary proceeding on the basis of representations filed without getting into any longer process by way of oral Evidence or otherwise and such Award will be binding upon the parties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF THE PARTIES have signed this Agreement on this day month and year first above written.


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